W.O.W. Lower Body Favs + What’s for Lunch

Hey you guys!  With another winter storm approaching us, I thought it would be helpful to share one of my go-to in-home workouts.  This workout takes anywhere for 10-15 minutes, that’s it!  It targets your lower body, predominately your glutes, abductors (outer thigh), and adductors (inner thigh).  Try 1-2 sets of 10-20 repetitions for each of the following exercises.

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Exercise Descriptions:

  • Tap-Tap Lift: Propping yourself up on your elbow/forearm, or relaxing your head down on your arm to reduce tension in the upper body.  Keeping your top leg as straight as possible, with a pointed toe, double tap in the front, lift straight up, and double tap in the back.
  • Abductor Lift: Same upper body position as tap-tap lift.  Keeping a flexed foot and a straight leg, lift leg as high as you can without altering form.  Hips should remain forward and should not rock back as you lift.
  • Passe: Relax head down on arm.  Keeping a pointed toe, slightly elevate top leg from the bottom.  Bend the knee in towards the hips, shoot the leg straight up (toe is still pointed), then flex the foot as you bring your leg back down.  Finish reps and then repeat in the opposite direction.
  • Circle Loops: Head relaxed.  Elevate top leg just slightly.  Keeping a pointed toe make tiny circles from the hip joint.  Both directions.
  • Inner thing toners:  Back up on your elbow/forearm.  Cross top leg over the bottom, or bend at the knee and plant the foot behind the bottom leg (if that is more comfortable).  Flex bottom foot, and lift straight up.  Pulse for reps.

Lunch today…Baked Chicken Breast topped with fresh guac. over a bed of quinoa and kale!  Delicious!!!  Time Cook: about 20minutes.  This is a great meal to make ahead, the night before, and take it with you the next day.

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