Using the Yard Lines – A 5 Minute Animal Pattern Workout

This past weekend I was up on Long Island with the family.  We ended up having a pretty lazy weekend due to some not so nice weather…ate pizza…so it was a MUST to take advantage of the sunshine the following day and get moving!  My mom, my sister, and I went to the track (one of my favorite places to get my workouts in) – the dudes stayed home – football Sunday is nothing to mess around with!  😉

I did my usual warm up (below) then ran a couple miles with some additional strength based exercises mixed in (will post another time).   When everyone was done with their workouts, we took some time to record this video.  It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now, and here it is!

**Excuse my choice of music for this video – I was trying to be clever and use animal sounds…I think it’s fitting!  I hope you can appreciate my humor 😀 **

These movements are some of my FAVORITE exercises of all time.  They are smart, efficient, functional, and can be a lot of fun (even though I know some of my clients would not agree…) 🙂

You can use these exercises as a part of your warm up routine before a run or a lift OR you can put them sporadically within your own workout, use it as a bit of a cardio/aerobic component in a circuit, OR do them on their own for a QUICK BLAST!  The opportunities are endless!

Here’s the breakdown…



This is the first exercise in the sequence:

  • begin from a standing position
  • reach down towards the ground (bending the knees if needed) and begin to walk out towards a high plank
  • reach the arms out as far as you can hold – squeeze your glutes!
  • tippy-toe in towards your hands, trying to keep your legs as straight as possible – you do not have to come in ALL THE WAY  – know your limits and walk in as much as you can
  • then begin to walk the hands forward again – hands, feet, hands, feet
  • FOR REVERSE: continue with the same movement pattern except this time – feet, hands, feet, hands.  Feel free to bend your knees if you need to when getting started.

Bear Crawls:

bear crawl

  • start in a table top position – hands and knees
  • from here, lift your knees off the ground
  • take opposite limbs and reach forward
    • if you get stuck – think about it first – lift opposite limbs and slowly move them forward. Do this for each side until you find your rhythm. TAKE YOUR TIME!
  • keep your hips stabilized – you want to try to avoid “wagging your tail” 🙂
  • FOR REVERSE: find your positioning first – table top – then lift the knees – reach opposite limbs backward, then push off of your front arm while reaching with your opposite leg.  Take it slow- this one takes some coordination!

Frog Hops:

frog hops

  • find a deep squat
  • walk or slide your hands out as far as you can in front of you
  • then hop forward back to that deep squat position
  • FOR REVERSE: kick your feet back – you’ll end up in almost a plank position.  Walk the hands back towards your body to get back to your deep squat.
  • **IF THIS HURTS OR BOTHERS YOUR KNEES (or anything else) DO NOT DO IT!**


Remember- always listen to your body – if something hurts or just doesn’t feel right, DON’T DO IT!  There are plenty of things that you can do that will cause NO pain!!!  And pain-free is the way it should be!



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