Motivational Monday

When I woke up this morning, I felt this smog of bad energy around me.  I don’t know why, it was just there.  I didn’t feel like doing anything, I didn’t want to get up, I did not feel motivated for the day.  I ignored it and went on to make my tea, check my emails, FB, whatever.  I had some time before yoga, so I found myself reading blog posts by some of my favorite bloggers about how they got started.  Of course I’ve read these posts before, but sometimes I go back when I feel my motivation slipping away, just to get back some inspiration.  It’s a weird feeling because on one hand it’s really motivational to read about people like you who have accomplished things that you want to achieve.  But at the same time, you just want to be there already!  To be successful is not easy and I understand that, but sometimes I feel that I should be further along than I already am.

IMG_2234 - Version 2

One of the roosters from the yoga studio. Photo taken back in Aug.2013

After yoga I felt a bit better.  I love my yoga studio because it’s just filled with color and life.  It’s a little tucked away gem on a farm.  There are animals everywhere!  There’s a small pond with ducks, and I’ve seen cranes before too, there are roosters+chickens, I think there is a goat too.  Also there is this adorable friendly cat that just hangs around the studio (it’s the owners cat) and it’s just super friendly.  This cat makes me want a cat, and I’m more of a dog person.  And today, I met a dog too.  Seemed to be a german shepherd mix.  Adorable.  It’s just an amazing escape.  I love being around animals, it just makes me feel…relaxed and that everything will be okay.  On my drive home I thought to myself, maybe we should get a pet, maybe that will help with my stress and anxiety.  And then I thought, no, because it may cause more stress and anxiety too.  One day…!

So, when I get into these funks where my motivation dies, here are some things I do to get me back on track.  I’ve already done a few of the following, and I plan on checking the rest off throughout the day.

  • Do something relaxing.  Get away from your current environment and go somewhere you know you can let go and ease the mind.  Example, yoga, meditation, a walk in a park.
  • WORK OUT- working out always helps me get rid of my stress.  Doing an intense SPIN workout, running, or interval work seems to do the trick.  Release those endorphins!
  • Cleanse the body with whole, natural, good food/drink.  I like to drink a lot of tea and hot water with lemon. Maybe some soup.
  • Laugh a little.  Call a friend/family that you can let loose with.  If you have time, watch a favorite movie or TV show episode that you know will make you feel happy.
  • Look at adorable animal photos!  There was a study (blanking on what it was now) but people who looked at cute animal photos for 5 minutes daily, were happier individuals than people who did not. Ribbet collage-14
  • Clean you home.  A cluttered house is a cluttered mind!  When you keep your living quarters neat and tidy, your brain will do the same.

Yesterday Blake and I took some practice shots for my workout builder etc.  It’s a good thing they were pratice shots because they were awful…I really don’t know how models do it…Below are some samples that are kinda embarrasing, but not nearly the worse of the worse…for your enjoyment of course! (feel free to laugh at me 🙂 ) Ribbet collage-13

Also, look forward to postings about my friends journey to lose 1lb this week to fit into a dress for a friends wedding!  I will be monitoring her food journal and exercise habits over the course of this week.  So thanks Nicole, for letting me use you!!! xo


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