March WO Cal: Refresh, Revive, Renew

Spring is right around the corner, and it can’t come soon enough!!! I’m so tired of this winter, as I’m sure a lot of you are too.  Last weekend was a bit of a tease with the nice weather and all, and I’m hoping we’ll experience some more of that in the next couple of weeks.

To celebrate spring, this month’s workout is designed to refresh, revive, and renew your body.  Let’s focus on flushing the body of all toxins, and yuck, that has built up during this cold, hard, stressful winter.  We spring clean out homes, why not our bodies?!

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Looking at the calendar, we have 4 main workouts, all of which are cycled throughout the month.  Short example videos are coming soon, but in the mean time here are descriptions for each:

SereneSweat: This is your typical 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic work.  Pick your favorite mode of cardio; walking, jogging, cycling, etc.  Something you can sustain at a moderate pace for 30+ minutes.  However, if you tend to get bored with “steady state” exercise, feel free to use intervals to keep it interesting.  Maybe give yourself 30 second pushes (add a little speed, a bit of resistance, increase the intensity) followed by a 1 minute recovery.  Play with interval times to see what works best for you.

TurboTone: Circuit training with a focus on strengthening and toning exercises.  Most of these exercises will be body weight exercises and will not require additional weight (unless you’d like to add it).  TurboTone is a timed workout.  Try different interval times on different days.  For example, maybe 30 seconds one day at a higher intensity (faster pace, progression of exercises) and another day try each exercise for 1 minute (focusing on getting through the time).  Timed circuits are one of my favorites because there are so many variables you can play with!

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EnergyBlast: High Intensity Interval Training!  One of the most popular predicted fitness trends of 2014.  This workout can be anywhere from 15-30 minutes long.  You are pushing your body to the limit, burning more calories in a shorter period of time.  Each exercise will be sustained for no longer than 30 seconds with anywhere from a 10 second- 1 minute break between each movement.

CoreStrong: Predominately a core workout infused with yoga based exercises/poses.  Designed to work from the inside out and focus on breathing techniques.

Saturdays are your days to PLAY! Have fun!  Go for an outdoor bike ride or walk (weather permitting).  If the weather stinks, think about going bowling, checkout out a rock climbing gym, or even trying out a new group fitness class at your gym.  Get creative!

Sundays are for REST.  Relax, rest up, and prepare for the week ahead.  Stay active by keeping up with your cleaning, cooking, and prepare your meals for the week.

Additionally, I have 2 special workouts for you, for 2 special days.  St. Paddy’s Day- Lucky Charms workout and The First Day of Spring- 5 Min. Express workout!  YAYYY!!!  Super fun!

So print out this calendar, stick it on your fridge, or coffee table, and commit to following the plan!  Let’s get healthy and stay healthy this Spring!  Bye-bye snow, hellllloooooo happy sunshine 🙂

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