How to Keep Your Sanity, Health, and Happiness During a Power Outage

I am so sick of this awful weather and it seems to just keep getting worse and worse.  Today, I woke up to get ready to head out to my first class.  After I brush my teeth usually the next thing I do is turn on my Keurig and make a cup of coffee/tea (depending on my mood).  I pressed the power button maybe three times before looking around the rest of my kitchen and realizing that there was no power.  I then without thinking, got onto my computer to look up what was going on, but then realized, duh if there is no power, there is no internet!  I finished getting ready, and head out towards my first class (who I called first to make sure the facility was still open, which they were).

After I got back from my classes, I came back to my apartment to switch out bags and go somewhere warmer, with food.  So currently, I am sitting in a Paneras writing this post. 🙂  As much as I love Paneras, I really want my power back.  I keep thinking about how awful tonight will be with no heat or hot tea!

Anyway, I’ve been brainstorming ways to keep your sanity, hope, health, and happiness during this inconvienient time because I know if I am suffering with this, some of you out there are too!!!  So, here’s what I came up with…

While there is still daylight, head out to the nearest open store and gather some of the following essentials…

  • Batteries (AA is most popular, but an assortment of sizes would be ideal) images-10
  • Flashlights/Battery Operated Lanterns (CDC recommends a battery operated flashlight in each room of the house) High_power_torch
  • Candles (I love candles, I think they are fun, sexy, and they set a nice ambiance.  Lighting some candles tonight may take some of the stress of not having power away.) images-11
  • FOOD:  Assortment of canned products such as chili, soups, tuna/salmon, canned veggies.  Maybe some nut butters, nuts, and dried fruit.  And non-perishable snacks like popcorn.  The good news is, these items are still healthy, so although they won’t satisfy your “warm-n-cozy” cravings, you’ll be keeping a clean diet! healthystormfood
  • Deck of cards/board games/books (make sure you have some sort of game or activity for tonight).  Use this experience to enjoy the company of those who you’re cooped up with!  There is nothing you can do at this point, but just try to relax and have fun! images-12
  • Wine?  A little bit of wine in a situation like this can never hurt.  🙂   images-13


Safety Tips from the CDC:

If the power is out for longer than 4 hours, follow the guidelines below:

  • For the Freezer section: A freezer that is half full will hold food safely for up to 24 hours. A full freezer will hold food safely for 48 hours. Do not open the freezer door if you can avoid it.
  • For the Refrigerated section: Pack milk, other dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, gravy, and spoilable leftovers into a cooler surrounded by ice. Inexpensive Styrofoam coolers are fine for this purpose.
  • Be sure to have plenty of bottled water.  When power goes out, water purification systems may not be working properly.


Relax, Stay Warm, and Embrace those around you.



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