Cold/Flu Fighting Herbal Snack

Last week I started to feel a cold coming on, the sniffles, congestion, and that awful tickley throat.  I ate my soup, drank my orange juice and tea, and took my vitamins.  Then a friend/client of mine told me to try taking a tablespoon of garlic infused honey.

Take a clove of garlic and either chop it or press it through a garlic press.  Pour honey over the garlic, give it a stir, and allow to sit for a couple of minutes.  You can also add cayenne pepper, and a pinch of cinnamon.  Supposedly, the cayenne pepper is supposed to cut the “stink” out of the garlic.  When I made it I only used a clove of chopped garlic and enough honey to cover.  Probably equalling 11/2 tablespoons.  I also sliced some apple to eat with it.  (Rosh Hashanah inspired!).  You can’t go wrong with apples and honey!

You can also make this is bulk, store it in a jar in a cool, dark place.  This way it’s ready to go!


So why does this work?  Garlic produces a chemical called allicin which has shown to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Therefore, we know garlic to be a natural antibiotic.  There have been numerous studies published that indicate allicin may reduce atherosclerosis, decrease blood pressure, have anti-inflammatory properties, and function as an antioxidant to some extent.  In 2001 a double-blind, placebo-controlled survey was published.  The garlic treated group depicted shortened symptoms and reduced likelihood of getting sick again.  The placebo group was recorded to have more colds throughout the study period as well as lingering symptoms.  More recently in 2012, another study was released.  This one almost baking up the 2001 study, showed the garlic group suffered from significantly less cold occurrences than the placebo group.  The recovery time between the two groups were roughly the same.


So, although there is no concrete answer to if garlic will cure your cold or prevent it, it seems to work as a strong agent for most people.  Garlic is also one of the oldest medicinal foods on this planet, so it obviously works to some extent!

I’ve been told that taking the garlic, straight or honey infused, early on (before you really get sick) can ensure stronger responses.  Really if you don’t care about smelling a bit for a couple of days, it’s worth a shot!

Flu Fighters RAW FOOD

I took mine the night I starting feeling symptoms.  The next day I felt a bit better, and the following I felt almost back to normal.  I do feel that I recovered quicker from this cold than from others in the past.  So, I say go for it!  Just remember, the allicin is most effective when RAW.  If you cook your garlic and then eat it, although it is still healthy for you, it will not cause the same response.





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