8 Healthy Tips to Combat Holiday Temptations

With roughly three weeks remaining in the 2013 holiday season, there is still plenty of time to implant healthy tips in your brain for your busy days ahead!

I hope that these 8 healthy tips will gear you towards better health for the remaider of this holiday season.

  1. Let’s Be Real…It’s the holiday season, it is almost impossible to lose weight.  Instead of putting additional pressure and stress on yourself this season, simply make it a goal to maintain your current weight.  Try keeping a food journal just to keep track of what your eating.  For many people, when they are required to write down what they eat, they tend to make healthier decisions.  Also, forget the scale, it’ll make you crazy.  At most, weigh yourself once a week.  body-weight-scale
  2. Plan Out Your Workouts. If there are particular group exercise classes that you like, try your best to get to those classes!  OR plan to go to the gym or do your at-home-workout at a set time.  When things are scheduled and planned, you’re more likely to follow through.  If you’re having trouble getting to the gym, or setting a specific time slot for exercise, implement more movement in your daily routine.  Take stairs instead of the elevator, speed walk with shopping bags, do squats and calf raises in the kitchen while cooking (if safe), etc.  SIMMONS
  3. Don’t Skip Meals!  There is no such thing as “saving calories for later”  It just doesn’t work.  More times than not, people who starve themselves during the day (or “save calories”)  when they have an event planned for the evening, end up overeating and taking in more calories than they normally would if they had eaten regularly throughout the day.  Instead of “saving calories”, make smarter choices throughout the day.  Eating light is a much better approach.  For example, fill your diet with fruits, veggies and wholesome grains.  You’ll be surprised how you’re not as tempted to stuff your face later on. Variety_Pack
  4. Drink Lots of Water.  Staying hydrated throughout the day will prevent overeating and abundant snacking.  Fill up a large water bottle (64oz) and make it a goal to finish it by the end of the day.  Additionally, try drinking herbal teas mid-day with a small snack, like mixed unsalted nuts, a yogurt, or a piece of fruit. kleencantein445x260
  5. Eat Until Satisfied, Not Over Stuffed.  When you’re at your holiday parties, try to place only a few things on your plate at once.  Eat slowly, and enjoy.  Before going back for more, take note of how you feel.  Are you really hungry, or just tempted?  Know your limits! Screen-Shot-2011-12-27-at-12.05.20-PM
  6. Careful of Beverages!  Beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are probably the sneakiest ways to overindulge.  Alcoholic beverages, are filled with calories, some contain more than others.  Non-alcoholic beverages are usually loaded with sugar.  Regardless if you are drinking an alcoholic beverage or not, try to drink a glass of water or seltzer with lemon between beverages.  This will prevent an overabundance of calorie intake, and help you prevent a hang over. Candy_Cane_Swirl_300
  7. Balance Your Party Plate.  When at a party, survey the foods available, and then load up your plate.  Although the veggie crudate may not be as appetizing as the pigs-in-a-blanket and mini quiches, put them on your plate anyway to balance it out.  It will not only curb your appetite, it will ensure you get your essential vitamins and nutrients! 9EA39753C23D06D1A1BF1870D0_h296_w526_m2_bblack_q99_p99_cuhgPXIyZ
  8. Bring Your Own!  If you happen to be going to a pot-luck style party, be sure to bring something healthy!  Create your healthy spin-off of a holiday favorite. pie

Most importantly, enjoy your holiday season!  Be mindful of your eating habits and try to get a bit of exercise in here and there, but don’t stress about it too much.  Stressing out will only hinder you!


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